Well, its a nice quiet Monday after a very busy weekend!  I'm kinda glad to be in at work today rather than at home...

Gus's birthday was a couple weeks ago and due to schedules we waited until this past weekend to hold his birthday party.  He likes to have friends come for a sleep over.  We've done this before, down in FW, but it was never as much of a success as this one was.  Gus decided to do a camp out (because we're out on 80 acres its got PLENTY of room!) so we built a fire pit for the bonfire, put up tents, and had a wienie and marshmallow roast.  In between the boys running out to play at the camp site, they were back at the house having nerf gun battles.  Wow, we're going to be finding those darts for the next three months!  What originally started out as him having two or three friends over turned into eight boys between the ages of 10 and 13...eeek!  It was hectic, but everyone had plenty of fun.  My sadness for the weekend?  Most of the boys were as tall as me, sigh.  Its all downhill from here I guess.  ;)

Chickie update:  all fifteen chicks are still alive!  I'm beginning to think my flock is going to be fifteen full grown chickens.  Not that I want any of them to die, but I kinda thought it must be harder to raise them from chicks.  Of course, they aren't even a week old yet, so I can't really claim success at this point!  I think where the mortality will come into play will be when we start to transition them to living out in the coop and their chicken tractor.  I think we'll find out how predator proof the tractor is pretty quick.

No pics for you today, sorry.  I do like to include them where I can.  Stay tuned on Thursday for a special blog day and post.




Gus: "Take a picture of my chick, Mom!"
Chick:  "I'm a very serious bird. Cheeping, eating and pooping... very serious things..."

Gus:  "Okay, now take a picture of ME Mom, while I'm holding the chick.  Ignore the cheetos goo on my lips..."

Austin:  "Now its my turn, get my chick Mom."
Racing stripe chick:  "Sigh, so sleepy... bullying my fellow chicks, its so hard."

Austin:  "Now me and my chick, but I do it better than Gus!"
Racing stripe chick:  "CHEEEP!!"

Mommy:  "Is that yogurt around your mouth?  I really hope so..."

Mommy:  "Okay Austin, hold your chick up again."
Racing stripe chick:  "chp, sleepy, chp, chp..."

Isaac:  "Mommy, take a picture of MY chick!  See my chick?!  Take a picture Mommy!"

Gus:  "Mom, take a picture of this chick I just picked up, its different!  This is the one Isaac dropped on its head this morning!"
Chick:  "Oiy, such a headache!"

Eight of our very active fifteen chicks - even the potentially brain damaged one is very active.
By the way, how would one tell if a chicken is brain damaged?  Hmmm...

More chicks, with marbles in the water so they don't accidentally drown themselves.
Don't know if they really would drown, but I didn't want to find out that badly.