Gus: "Take a picture of my chick, Mom!"
Chick:  "I'm a very serious bird. Cheeping, eating and pooping... very serious things..."

Gus:  "Okay, now take a picture of ME Mom, while I'm holding the chick.  Ignore the cheetos goo on my lips..."

Austin:  "Now its my turn, get my chick Mom."
Racing stripe chick:  "Sigh, so sleepy... bullying my fellow chicks, its so hard."

Austin:  "Now me and my chick, but I do it better than Gus!"
Racing stripe chick:  "CHEEEP!!"

Mommy:  "Is that yogurt around your mouth?  I really hope so..."

Mommy:  "Okay Austin, hold your chick up again."
Racing stripe chick:  "chp, sleepy, chp, chp..."

Isaac:  "Mommy, take a picture of MY chick!  See my chick?!  Take a picture Mommy!"

Gus:  "Mom, take a picture of this chick I just picked up, its different!  This is the one Isaac dropped on its head this morning!"
Chick:  "Oiy, such a headache!"

Eight of our very active fifteen chicks - even the potentially brain damaged one is very active.
By the way, how would one tell if a chicken is brain damaged?  Hmmm...

More chicks, with marbles in the water so they don't accidentally drown themselves.
Don't know if they really would drown, but I didn't want to find out that badly.

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Merri said...

cute! I had a chick when I was little, and I wrote a story about it: "Peep peep". I think that's what I cleverly named it. The story was awful! haha. but maybe it was the start of my writing career. ; )
- The Equestrian Vagabond