Our Saturday, in pictures...

I finally got all my tack together, so we went to visit Polor on Saturday.  I'm so ready to bring him home!

He wanted to ride all day.

Michael and I traded off with Polor.  He did really well for his first time in an English saddle.

Blaze is 29 years old!

Despite some issues with the new tack, Polor was very good with Michael.

Gus got to ride Blaze after Austin.  He fell in love too!

I think he's decided that maybe these horse things aren't too bad after all.

Isaac had a difficult morning, but wouldn't get up on a horse.  He had a lot of fun petting them once he finished this melt-down session (he had to go into time-out right after this pic).

We had a really good day.  Polor was wonderful, even though it turned out he had an allergic reaction to something on his saddle pad.  It took us a while to figure it out, and even though it wasn't easy, Polor behaved very well despite the difficulties.  Three weeks until he comes home!

**Yes, I know I'm the only one wearing a helmet!  If the boys had been on any horse other than Blaze, they would have had my helmet.  We'll bring theirs next time as I've always made it a point to wear one.  Michael needs to find one that will fit him.  We'll plan better next time.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you! Beautiful horse!
Wow, the kids are so big and cute!!!
Miss you guys!

modern fragility said...

What fun!!! I can't wait for you to bring him home so I can meet him. What a great month - 10 days in Vienna, then coming home to getting the horse you've always wanted.

Merri said...

woohoo how exciting! i'm late with this so, you must have him home by now!
- The Equestrian Vagabond